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I’ve spent my entire life thinking about, researching, studying, and putting into practice what is the best path to living our best life in the here and now, while improving our chances of going the distance and ultimately dying happy and healthy. And | finally sat down and wrote the book that covers it all.



“This is the book you need if you are reaching a certain "mature" age - all the information you need to feel great as you age is here. I've always felt I was healthy because I have no chronic diseases, don't take any meds, and get a good report at the doctor each year. But as we age that is not enough, we need to work harder to keep our bodies strong and healthy. Al has done extensive research and it is laid out well to find the information you need. I'll be leaving this book right at my bedside table where I can access it easily!”

- Laura A. Riley

“Al Lyman has managed the impossible. He has interpreted the research and scientific studies and added personal anecdotes and common sense, and has come up with the answer to the question on everyone’s mind….How do I Age Well and Feel Great? The book is well-written in a conversational style and offers an eye-opening look at how most of us live our lives. I guarantee you will find something to relate to on many levels. But most importantly, you will learn what you can do to Age Well and Feel Great!”

- Terry Williams

“For thousands of years, Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners have been giving their patients advise about movement, meditation, diet and mental outlook so that they may live in a healthier state throughout their life to the greatest extent possible. For those who find those constructs or the practices of New Age/Holistic Medicine practitioners a little off-putting, this is the perfect book to explain many of those same concepts in the language of Western Medicine and sports/fitness science.”

- Randall S. Sutin

“When I heard about the book I knew it was a great idea. When I read about the book I knew I had to have it. When I started looking thru it and identifying areas I wanted to know more about, I knew it would be a great Christmas gift for people I care about. It's enormous and heavy (literally) and for good reason. What fun to flip through it, stop at a page and begin reading. Al Lyman really knows how to share what he knows and what he has learned in such a warm, sometimes funny, way. And he is also so knowledgeable and generous with his advice. Thank you, Al Lyman, for saving my life.”

- Joan Tramontano

“Simple New Year’s Resolution: get this incredibly useful book by @the_al_lyman. It is the owner’s manual for your body that you never received but should have. While it talks about the causes of aging and how to age well, it is NOT only for “old folks.” Everyone is aging. Anyone will benefit by adopting the recommendations in this book at any age. There are sections on food, movement, strength and cardio - the keys to health. Pharma products and quick fix supplements or gadgets are the opposite. The style of the book is accessible, friendly, and not dogmatic.”

- Todd Kenyon, PhD

“Age Well and Feel Great” is an exciting and inspirational read, about taking charge of your life and not letting the rest of your life “just happen” to you. This book has SO MUCH INFORMATION about all of the topics you may or may not have wondered about, in regard to living your life to the fullest while also living as long as you can. It is writing in layman’s terms, which allowed me to devour the content, but I also want to keep it around as a reference that I can turn to time and time again. If you care about your health, read this book and get going, making one small change at a time, toward a future with a better mindset and better health overall.”

- Susan Debronsky

“This is an encyclopedic book that covers the topics of health and aging at just about every conceivable level - from the molecular to the philosophical. It is written in an entertaining and optimistic style with helpful graphics and quotes throughout that nicely illustrate the concepts the author is describing. It covers every aspect of health and aging that I can think of and does so from an unbiased perspective that is the result of a lot of research and thought by the author over a lot of years. Importantly, it does not try to hide the fact that there is randomness in life and that genetics and luck certainly play some role in individual outcomes.”

- George J. Paganis

Speaking Topics


How to Become Truly Healthy and Age Well Without Extreme Exercising or Dieting

You don't need to diet or exercise for hours to become truly healthy! The key is knowing what matters the most and how to implement simple strategies in an effective way.

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How to Transform Your Relationship to Stress

You CAN use stress to your advantage. The key is knowing the difference between negative stress and positive stress. One robs you of joy and shortens your life - the other makes you more resilient and enriches your life.

What's Your Why? What Matters More, Your Hopes Or Your Fears?

False beliefs and fear prevent us from taking the necessary steps toward true transformation and hope for the future. After all, every journey worth taking starts with why you're embarking on the journey, and what matters the most to you as you move forward.

Nutrition For the Over-50 Crowd: How to Eat to Feel Better, Have More Energy and Vitality, and Boost Immune Health During Your Later Years

There are many myths and ideas surrounding how the 50+ among us should be eating for optimal health and healthy aging.

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Need help solving a problem? Need to make sure you’re on the right track? Want an audit of your problem-solving process?

Do you wish you had access to someone to provide advisory on your projects or on how you could feel even better and become healthier?

This may include one-on-one or one-on-team advisory, custom workshops, and/or speaking engagements. Whatever is needed to solve the right problems in the right ways.

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Life, Nutrition, Health Coaching

Would you benefit from some one-on-one coaching to improve your health and your enjoyment of life, manage stress and food and exercise better, and discover your best you?

Movement, Endurance Sports, Strength and Conditioning Coaching

Are you a runner or triathlete with a goal event on the calendar, or simply someone who wants guidance on how to achieve faster progress with strength or mobility or movement quality, in less time and with less struggle?

Virtual and In-Person Group Coaching and Workshops

I love working with groups and helping others achieve their goals. Let's discuss how I can help you and your group explode their potential!

Some of the Most Requested


If you don’t BELIEVE you have the power to impact how the 2nd half of your life plays out, you won’t take action and do what you need to, to make it the best half of your life!

Learn WHY finding the motivation, time, and energy to exercise is a real struggle and most importantly, how to overcome these obstacles to achieve success!​

Becoming stronger to help you feel better and age well is simpler than you might think. And the truth is, you don’t need expensive equipment, lots of skills, or gobs of time! All you need is the know-how. I’ll show you.

There are certain regions in the world where there are many more centenarians (people who live to be 100 or more) than anywhere else. How and why are they different? What do they know that you don’t (yet)?There are certain regions in the world where there are many more centenarians (people who live to be 100 or more) than anywhere else. How and why are they different? What do they know that you don’t (yet)?

It’s cliche to say movement IS life, but it is true. The challenge is where to start, what’s most important, and what to do to get moving in ways that will truly help you live better and longer.

Any of these workshops can be set up to last from 1 hour to a half-day in length


This workshop covers foundational movement ideas and concepts to improve joint mobility, foot function, balance, general flexibility, and foundational stability. Attendees will get specific guidance on the “why” and “how,” and will leave with a toolbox of great ideas to move and feel better than ever. Get in touch for more specific details. This can be tailored depending on the group.

Strength training should be at the top of every person’s list of “must dos,” yet most people don’t know where to start, are intimated by large gyms, can’t afford a personal trainer, and don’t believe they have the time to do it. In this workshop, attendees will learn the simplest ways to get stronger, at any time of day, without expensive equipment, in the comfort of their own homes, with little to no equipment.

Back pain has become virtually epidemic in the US in this day and age. There’s almost nothing else that will suck the life out of life, than suffering with chronic back pain. In this workshop, attendees will learn about the most common causes of back pain, and what they can do immediately, to begin to feel and move easier and better. Get in touch for more specific details.

Americans are consuming more sugar than ever before, and chronic disease is on the rise like never before. Sugar tastes good and can make many foods taste good, but too much of a good thing isn’t the best thing for our health. In this workshop, attendees will learn why reducing sugar can be so challenging, where sugar is hiding in the foods they eat, along with effective strategies to adapt to a healthier way of eating.

Time Restricted Eating, also known as intermittent fasting has become increasingly popular among all age groups for it’s potential health and weight loss benefits. In this workshop, attendees will learn to decipher fact from fiction, learn a little bit of the science behind this philosophy of eating, and learn the various ways they can implement these strategies into their routine for optimal success.

Modern life brings with it many challenges that can dramatically increase negative stress. Many struggle to balance work, family, and personal self-care. In this workshop, participants are guided in how to create purposeful self-care (including exercise and nutrition) and stress management strategies to reduce stress triggers and enhance resilience.

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